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Now available: Domestic Fugues

Ever since Borrowed Towns, Richard has been trying his hardest to make a new book of poems. Domestic Fugues, chosen by Steel Toe Books, is now available. Order from Amazon or from Subterranean Books.

Read the review in the St. Louis Post Dispatch.


Richard's seven-page, six-part poem on death (just what the world needed!) wins first place in The Ledge 2010 Poetry Awards Competition.

Richard's tops in St. Louis

The Riverfront Times named Richard "Best Local Poet" in the Arts and Entertainment category, home also to "Best Hair on a Local TV Personality" and "Best Art Gallery to Die in the Past Year." Find out why.

How a poem happens

Richard is interviewed on the How a Poem Happens blog about his poem "Ash."

  Richard Newman and his sidekick Otis.  

Richard Newman is the author of the poetry collections Domestic Fugues (Steel Toe Books, 2009) and Borrowed Towns (Word Press, 2005), as well as several chapbooks. Read more about Richard Newman.

When Men Stopped Wearing Hats, When Women Stopped Wearing Gloves

Little impulse, little nod,
a little sweat drying on the brow.
A woman’s fingers strain
to run through his hair like shy deer.
He leans forward while she caresses
the little coves where the hair recedes.
Cells glide over cells,
and all the other cells roar their approval.
What more have they hoped for than this
little dance, a little naked grace
beyond the tug and bind of our stitches.
All this for us, that we may sit close in moonlight,
restless as two strangers, exchanging
our wild gifts, my head in your hands.

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